We produce pallets, envelopes, and boxes according to the customer's desire, so Zanana Plast prepares the product according to the customer's request

Fast moving consumer goods

50ml Bottle and Cap

Plaster Cone and Cover

Dropper Bottle and Cap

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Zanana group

Zanana Group is committed to providing its customers with the best quality products within the specified time. Understanding, our belief, and our philosophy is that quality is not just a means to an end, we believe that we must continue to improve the quality of our products in order to satisfy our customers and ensure their loyalty.

We use specialized engineering plastics to produce different products that bear different environmental and physical states, and they include the following

Electricity meter boxes - electrical plugs - heaters - auto parts - and others

Bottle color with cover

We are certified to produce medical products. Our products are produced and stored in a closed, isolated area, and accordingly we meet the requirements that are required


Medical first aid box


We manufacture using "injection mold" and "sakmi" injection molding technology. We also produce boxes of all shapes and sizes



The Zanana Group will continue to adhere to its core principles as it continues to grow, sticking to its promise to provide its customers in the consumer, pharmaceutical, engineering and electronic industries with high-quality packing materials at the lowest cost in the shortest time possible.